In collaboration with Gonzalo Arocena and Gonzalo Ferrando.

We carried out the preliminary design for a mass storage device capable of transferring files to and from other storage device without using a computer. The device was designed to allow the transfer of files in situations where there is no access to a computer, or when people who have to perform the task doesn’t have the skills required for operation.

It is also intended that the device is used to transfer confidential information, in which case it is desirable to avoid processing the files with a computer or communicating them through insecure networks.

To carry out the data transfer the storage device has a “female” USB port where a second storage device can be connected. Once connected, the user selects through an interface the desired type of transfer (meaning total transfer or partial transfer, etc).

A functional prototype was built as part of this work using an arduino board and a VDIP2 module. In this prototype a program residing in arduino sends serial commands to a console port of the VDIP2 module controlling the transfer of files from one unit to another. The prototype can also delete files from any of the drives (local or external).

Enhanced pendrive