This quadrotor is based on an ABS frame printed on a 3D printer. It was designed by Brendan22 as part of a series of multi-rotors called “T” because of it’s tubular section arms. In order to be able to fit the four 30 A ESCs (bigger than the ones suggested for this model) inside the quad I had to modify the bottom tray. Although after this modification it was possible to house all the components inside the quad one of the ESC severely over heated and stopped working during the first flight . As a result the corresponding motor stopped responding, the quad lost stability and crashed.

UAV2 from Martin Piñeyro on Vimeo.

After the crash I decided to modify a little more the original design and started working on a solution to reduce de number of zip ties required to keep this quadcopter together. Using Sketchup I created “pockets” in the bottom tray and in the body in which M3 nuts can be inserted. Then I added cylindrical holes through which M3 fasteners can be inserted. This second version is available at Thingiverse as a remix of the original design.

  • Motors: 4 x SunnySky 980 kV (RPM per Volt),
  • ESC: 4x 30A Simonk
  • Battery: LiPo 3S, 2200 mAh
  • Propellers: 4 x 8045
  • Tx/Rx: Futaba Conquest 4ch 72MHz
  • Flight Controller: OpenPilot CC3D

3D Printed Quadcopter